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The Official Electronic Edition of the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions

NEW ! We have released new Versions of the NC PJI JD Edition (version 14.2). The 14th major upgrade to the system since developing the products for the Superior Court Judges in 1993. These updates include new compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 10 as well as a new cross platform edition optimized for Windows, Surface MAC OS X and iPad!  We also did a major overhaul of the web edition to make access better, faster and auto adjust to your mobile devices.  If you have kept your subscription up then the upgrades are NO CHARGE.

The dynamic new web edition will ease the use of Internet users but for the serious litigator we are glad to announce the release of the New NCPJI Enterprise edition. A Multiplatform series that gives you the same performance and capabilities and the JD edition but designed for Mac Computers, iPad,  Surface Pro, Windows 10 and soon Android devices. ALL with the same user interface, all native applications (not web wrappers). 

Includes all supplements and current edits/changes. 

The Official Electronic Edition of the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions is developed in cooperation with the North Carolina Superior Court Judges Pattern Jury Instruction Committee, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government, and Steve Winsett. CX Corporation and Winwurx are licensed agent for sales and distribution of this product and its content. 

This edition is the only library used by the North Carolina Superior Court Judges and is formatted precisely to the specifications of the Pattern Jury Instruction Committee. This electronic version is published under a joint copyright ©1995-2017 with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government and Steve Winsett of Greensboro, NC. The electronic content is not in or from the Public Domain.  

All products update from the master jury instruction library and is not a 3rd party production.  

Supplements and corrections are available immediately when we update. 

The utility value of the features in NCPJI-JD reduces the judge’s workload approximately 90%. Unlike most .pdf collections and general .html reference libraries, the application (NCPJI-JD) allows the user to go to specific instructions that provide instant links to configure your instruction for each case as well as storing instructions in collections of both bookmarks and by case. 

With simple navigation, the speed of the full-text search engine provides an instant match.  The software application allows the judge to prepare for multiple cases in "Collections" in order to instantly combine the documents for use. The key benefit is the ability to quickly build a complete set of instructions for the jury with minimal authoring time. 

The printed edition and .pdfs of The North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions may be purchased or downloaded from the University of North Carolina School of Government's Publications Department. For more information click here: