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The North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions Electronic Edition is developed on a new platform that makes our past editions called Trial Court Desktop and Research Assistant, obsolete. Providing an electronic version of the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions since 1993, CX and Winwurx proudly present this 13th edition and will continue the 21 year legacy of innovative performance with quality tech support.

The printed edition of The North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions may be purchased from the University of North Carolina School of Government's, Publications Department. For more information click here: http://www.sog.unc.edu

  • Using the identical electronic version used by North Carolina Trial Court Judges to instruct juries and to obtain guidance for bench decisions, attorneys can quickly analyze the specific qualities of cases in order to optimally represent their clients.

  • The Electronic Edition of the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions brings speed, accuracy, and above all, utility value to the largest jury instruction library in use today. There are over 7,600 pages of instructions that are maintained by the North Carolina Superior Court Pattern Jury Instruction Committee. The “JD” edition includes tools that allow users to compile sets of instructions for criminal, civil, and motor vehicle negligence cases in a matter of minutes, which used to take days.

  • The utility value of the features in this program reduces the workload for a judge to as much as 90%. Unlike most .pdf collections and general html reference libraries, this application allows the user to go to specific instructions that provide an instant link to other statutes and instructions referenced in the document being viewed. The speed of the full text search engine provides an instant match with simple navigation.  

  • Laws change, and there are hundreds of revisions to the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions every year. Paying an annual subscription fee makes certain you receive all published updates.

Official NC Pattern Jury Instructions Online

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